Should You Join a Gym or Work Out at Home?

During COVID, going to the gym wasn’t an option in many areas, so people got used to working out at home. But now things are re-opening, where do you go next? Many people wonder whether it’s best to work out at home or make the effort to go into a gym, so here are the pros and cons of each.

Home workouts can be more convenient

There are a few reasons why home workouts may be more convenient for you:

  • No travel is required
  • You don’t need childcare
  • You can start at any time
  • There aren’t membership fees – unless you sign up for an at home programme

The problem is, because home workouts are so flexible, it’s sometimes hard to push yourself to do them. You might put them off, put in half the effort, or simply not perform as well as you do in the gym. You have to be well-motivated to cope with at home workouts.

Gyms give you more variety

Variety can be extremely helpful to keep you motivated, and you get a lot more of it at the gym. Unless you have a lot of space, a fitness complex in Phatthanakan (known as ฟิตเนสคอมเพล็กซ์พัฒนาการ in Thai) will have a lot more equipment than a home gym, meaning you can switch things up whenever you like. Most complexes also offer things like classes and personal trainer sessions, which can help keep you on track.

Another great thing about gyms is that attending one can help you stay motivated. If you are paying a fee, you are more likely to actually go, and are less likely to skip sessions.

Many gyms offer a hybrid approach

The popularity of working out at home has led to some gyms offering a hybrid approach to workouts. People can choose to work out in the gym when they like, but also access classes via livestreaming at home. You may also get access to an online library of exercise classes, which are much better than the free classes you get on YouTube, so you can decide whether you feel like going out or not.

Whether you like to work out at home or attend the gym, there are pros and cons to both. Ideally, you want to pick the one that’ll keep you interested and motivated. Working out at home works for some people, but not others, and you may find a gym is the best option, especially when you are just starting out.