Everything To Know About The Heart Care You Need To Have

It’s a fact that even if you don’t have heart problems today, prevention is always the best option. So be sure to check out the heart care we should all have.

Keep Your Mental Health Up To Date

Stress and anxiety cause severe problems for your heart. So do meditation, listen to good music, take time for yourself, and have good therapy.

But it’s worth noting that a recent study went on to see a strong relationship between cardiovascular health and mental health. In other words, the opposite is also valid: taking care of your heart health has very positive impacts on your mental health.

Avoid Stress

Did you know that anxiety and stress cause profound damage to the heart muscles?

Studies prove that anxiety attacks accelerate the heartbeat and cause vasoconstriction. As well as increase two to five times the chance of a heart attack or stroke (Cerebral Vascular Accident). Vasoconstriction is the contraction of blood vessels. It is a process that causes a decrease in the diameter of blood vessels.

In addition, stress releases high levels of cortisol – a hormone that directly influences cholesterol and hypertension levels. So, lower your anxiety and stress levels. Look for alternatives that make you feel good. Such as, for example, sleeping well, resting, doing physical exercises, therapy, setting aside time for leisure and relaxation exercises.

Avoid Vices

Fighting addictions is also an essential care practice for your heart. After all, addictions lead us to excesses and things out of our control. And as the saying goes, “anything in excess is bad.”

Well then, work to abandon addictions. Be it addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, food, or work, for example. Each addiction has a direct or indirect connection with the heart’s health and, for it to be always healthy, it is preferable to choose to abandon addictions.

Control Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure means that the heart makes a more significant effort than usual to get the blood circulating through the body. Most cardiologists consider hypertension as the “evil of the century. That’s because eating habits, health, and lifestyles have changed over time. This means that by eating unhealthy foods (overeating salt, for example), increasing everyday stress, not exercising, or even ignoring a good night’s sleep, we force our hearts to work harder than usual to maintain everything in order.

Therefore, good health practices are essential to keep blood pressure under control. And, for that, it is necessary to make periodic monitoring measuring it. Click here cardiocarellc.com for more info.