How to Cut Your Business’s PPE Costs

With the ongoing Covid-19 situations, many businesses are having to budget for PPE that they simply haven’t used in the past. While places like clinics and hospitals are used to ordering in PPE, you may not have a clue about what you should be paying for it, or even how to buy it. That’s why you should follow this guide to reducing your PPE expenses.

Buy in bulk

Like many things, when you buy masks in bulk, you often get a better deal. Look out for offers on wholesale face masks, and you’ll notice the higher the quantity, the cheaper the price usually is per mask. Not only that, but you save on shipping as you only pay one price, and you don’t waste your time with weekly mask ordering.

Buy from a reputable supplier

If you’re looking for face masks, you’re no doubt in a situation where you are concerned about yours and your employees’ health. That’s why quality is so important. If you buy face masks bulk that are good quality, your supply will last longer, as people can usually wear a reusable mask for a whole day. If you buy poor quality masks, they can break or tear, so you end up spending more.

Stick with one supplier

There can be good reasons to stay with one supplier.

  • The more you buy with a supplier, the cheaper the deals
  • There are often deals for loyal customers
  • You can negotiate the best price
  • You can often combine shipping for a cheaper price

It makes sense to find a supplier you like, then use them over and over, as you can be sure you are getting quality goods and know the service is good. This ensures you make the most out of your PPE budget in the long term.

PPE can seem expensive, especially if you are a small business who hasn’t had to budget for things like gloves and masks in the past. However, if you follow the above tips, you can cut the amount you are spending on PPE. When it comes to buying PPE, you need to balance quality with cost, so buying the cheapest PPE is not always the best option. You need to ensure that what you are buying will protect your staff and that it’ll also last for their shift and be there when they need it, so everyone can feel safe at work.