Benefits of regular health checkups

Going for full body checkup Singapore  comes with its benefits that includes:

  • Allows you to be on top of your health, reducing the risk of having to fall sick
  • A disease being diagnosed before it advances to a stage that is critical
  • Ensures you are able to save money in the long term
  • Motivates you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Forms a good partnership between you and your doctor and thus, allows you to get acquainted with habits which are healthier
  • Keeps you well informed of the current technology in medicine which are readily available

The following are some of the tests that you can perform to make sure that you have a health check package depending on your age.

The 20s and the 30s

  • Waist, BMI, and hip measurement
  • Level of glucose
  • Cholesterol
  • Certain checks for cancer
  • Dental cleaning and checks
  • Blood pressure
  • Examination of breasts
  • If you are actively involved in sex, ensure you take these tests
  • Screening STD
  • For women, pap smear

40s, the checkups will involve the above plus:

  • Eye checks
  • Mammogram for women
  • Risk assessment test against type 2 diabetes
  • PSA for men
  • Risk assessment test against the cardiovascular